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A complex yet user-friendly application that provides you with the proper means to exchange data between files and create functioning software

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EETY is a comprehensive and reliable piece of software developed to offer users with the required tools to move data between various sources, and create applications without having to write a single line of code.

The program is fairly simple to install, featuring no noteworthy events, after which, users can begin working with EETY by launching it from the shortcut that it places on their desktop.

The utility displays a clean and straight-forward interface, meant to help users easily get the hang of its components and functions, without requiring advanced levels of experience. From EETY's menu, users can navigate to 'Home', the 'Settings' section, to 'Windows' or the 'Help' documentation, which proves to be quite extensive.

From the 'Home' section of EETY, users can view their most recent files. The buttons on the upper side of the application enables users to start creating a 'New' solution, 'Open' and existing one or save the project they are currently working on to ISLN format.

After creating or opening a project, the 'Solution Explorer' allows users to view the components of their package, inject new models and add new connections from a variety of file formats (for instance Excel, MySQL, Microsoft Access, Oracle, OData, XML, SQLite and many others).

Users can also create new sources, add or import mappings, and create new workflows in their project. Moreover, users can work with the 'Model Explorer' to get an overview of the project's contents and move, delete, rename or copy certain elements. Finally, the solution can be run or tested, by clicking on the buttons in the 'Solution Explorer' bar, to determine if there are any errors in its functioning.

To conclude, EETY is an advanced and complex utility which aims to assist users in swiftly transforming data into programs, yet without requiring coding operations of any kind.

EETY was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 19th, 2014
EETY - The main window of EETY allows you to open the package that you want to work withEETY - The Model Explorer panel enables you to get an overview of the elements in your projectEETY - From the context menu, you can move certain elements up or down, as well as remove or rename themEETYEETYEETY

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