ETU SQL for Oracle7.0.0 Update 2

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A database explorer, editor and manager for Oracle that enables you to modify tables and export data to Excel for later processing

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ETU SQL for Oracle can prove useful to anyone who frequently works with Oracle. It is a database management utility that enables you to explore the content of a database and edit it according to your needs.

Work within a user-friendly environment

Thanks to the user-friendly interface, accessing your Oracle database and managing contained data becomes an easy task. The application features Windows or SQL authentication, so setting up a connection is simple.

You can then navigate through the database using the integrated tree-view explorer, select tables to view their content, edit existing records and add new ones with just a few clicks, either manually or by importing data from CSV, text or other types of files. All the changes you make are saved to the 'Table of Changes'.

The search function enables you to filter entries, which comes in handy when dealing with large data sets. Furthermore, you can easily search for duplicates and compare vertical row tabs.

Analyze data, generate charts and execute queries

Its data analysis capabilities enable you to visually represent data sets by creating and printing various types of charts (pie, column, funnel, bar, pyramid, line or area), sort entries, calculate sums, average, minimum and maximum values from a given data range. Additionally, you can export data to Excel, text, XML or HTML format.

The rich collection of SQL statement templates enables you to quickly execute commonly used queries. Alternatively, you can load query files (CFG) from your computer. ETU SQL for Oracle helps you perform other basic database operations, such as managing users and creating or erasing databases and tables.

To make sure that your database is free of any inconsistencies, the application comes with built-in data validation which disables editing for a cell if it would result in a duplicate value, or if you use an alternate data type on a column with an assigned constraint.

Manage your Oracle database with ease

ETU SQL for Oracle is a real asset for those who use Oracle to manage their databases. It enables you to edit tables and execute queries, analyze data, perform backups and generate charts to get a better overview over the database content.

And in case you rely on other server solutions, you can download dedicated applications such as ETU SQL for MS SQL, ETU SQL for MySQL, ETU SQL for DB2 or ETU SQL for PostgreSQL.

ETU SQL for Oracle was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on January 7th, 2015
ETU SQL for Oracle - ETU SQL for Oracle enables you to select the desired server and enter the corresponding username and password.ETU SQL for Oracle - ETU SQL for Oracle features a simple GUI that you can use to explore the contents of your database.ETU SQL for Oracle - You can use ETU SQL for Oracle to easily write SQL statements and execute queries.ETU SQL for Oracle - screenshot #4ETU SQL for Oracle - screenshot #5ETU SQL for Oracle - screenshot #6ETU SQL for Oracle - screenshot #7

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