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A handy and lightweight piece of software developed to offer you the means of working with the contents of your Firebase database






FBDesktop is an efficient and easy to use application aimed to provide users with the means to open and modify the contents of Firebase databases, changing or deleting certain elements from it.

After download the file, users can simply decompress the archive the run the executable, as it does not need to be installed on the system in order to function.

For starters, users will need to connect to their Firebase, by inputting the proper URL address (which contains firebaseio.com at the end), along with the corresponding 'Secret'.

Users can add one or several connections to FBDesktop’s records, enabling them to choose the one they wish to work with from the drop down menu in the program’s main window. To connect to the server, users can click on the ‘Run’ button.

This in turn will display the database’s contents, allowing users to expand certain nodes, edit them or delete them altogether. The ‘Find’ field lets users search for specific items inside the Firebase database, while the ‘Settings’ and ‘Rules’ tabs of FBDesktop enables users to display the respective information for them to analyze.

The tool also includes a ‘Unix Timestap’ component that is able to calculate the date and time to and from Unix format, which can come in handy should users ever need it.

Because FBDesktop operates real changes on the contents of the database, it is advisable that users practice caution when removing certain nodes or performing any other type of modifications, as they run the runs of not being able to revert them.
Last updated on May 1st, 2014
FBDesktop - FBDesktop is an efficient tool created for the manipulation of Firebase databasesFBDesktop - The tool displays the contents of the database nodes and allows you to delete or edit items

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