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A practical and reliable application worth having when you need to view integrity check results to identify corruption on any SQL Server you want

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Idera SQL Integrity Check is a straightforward and practical utility whose main purpose is to run a CHECKDB integrity check for any SQL Server you want, by selecting the databases you are interested in.

Before actually using the application, you are required to add a new database to monitor. When the server is automatically recognized, you are able to choose the authentication mode, be it Windows or SQL Server (where you are are required to specify the login and the password information in order to connect) then select the databases you want to register.

Idera SQL Integrity Check will automatically display all of the selected databases in the main window. This way, you are able to verify when the last known integrity check was performed.

After running the CHECKDB integrity check (from the right-click menu), you can view the status for each database and the date when it was the last time checked.

Additionally, it displays the errors and corruption areas discovered in each database. An easy-to-understand report will be then generated along with the recommended repair level. Hence, you can easily determine what actions need to be performed in order to repair your databases.

Since it does not require you to write any SQL scripts in order to run such integrity checks, the application can be master by both beginner and professional users.

What’s more, you can even set frequency levels and perform integrity checks at a specified hour. In this manner, you can rest assured that you are checking the integrity of SQL Server databases continuously.

To sum things up, Idera SQL Integrity Check is a reliable application that helps you to initiate integrity checks on multiple databases effortlessly.

Idera SQL Integrity Check was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on January 13th, 2014
Idera SQL Integrity Check - With the help of Idera SQL Integrity Check you are able to run a CHECKDB for any database on-demandIdera SQL Integrity Check - Before using the application, you need to add a new server in order to monitor the databasesIdera SQL Integrity Check - Idera SQL Integrity Check enables you to register the databases you are interested in

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