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A highly comprehensive software solution that comes as a JSON parser for data structure visualization which offers some basic and practical features

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JSON Viewer is a lightweight tool that allows you to open, view and analyze large JSON data files. With it you are able to explore data strings in both tree and grid views.

User-friendly interface

As a parser, JSON Viewer displays a straightforward interface which makes it accessible and practical for anyone who knows how to read and manage JavaScript Object Notation or JSON code.

The application is comprised of a simple window that grants you quick access to all the features it possesses. Once you load a file you can use a top toolbar to insert parent and child strings into the structure of the code, choose the type of visible field to display and more.

Easily view and edit data

Once your open a JSON file, its content is presented completely collapsed and the application enables you to expand one node at a time or view the entire structure as a whole. The latter making it very easy for you to study both familiar and unfamiliar data sets.

Adding a parent or child, as well as editing a node can be done from the top toolbar but you also get to use a classic context menu to perform the same tasks. Although, chances are that you will be using the menu to access these features as it is a lot more practical when it comes to editing data strings.

Along with modifying the data that is contained inside the JSON file, the application enables you to convert information fields to ‘Null’, ‘Boolean’, ‘Number’ and ‘String’.

A straightforward JSON parser

To wrap it up, JSON Viewer might not offer any complex and elaborate functions but it does enable you to analyze data structures in a fast and easy to follow manner.

JSON Viewer was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on June 11th, 2014
JSON Viewer - The main window of JSON Viewer lets you create a new data structure to manageJSON Viewer - Edit tab menu window of JSON ViewerJSON Viewer - TreeView tab menu window of JSON ViewerJSON Viewer - Fields tab of Preferences windowJSON Viewer - Other tab of Preferences window

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