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A complex database management utility that allows you to perform various table data conversions, row and column merges or SQL editing

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Managing databases is no easy work; you need to check every time for data consistency or if newly introduced data is correct. On top of that, you might also find data merging and character conversion troublesome.

A software that can do all that with ease would be handy. K Database Magic could offer you a solution; the application allows you to manage databases, along with every table or data stored.

Adaptive dataset modifier

K Database Magic features powerful functions that can help you manage your database information. You can copy data from a table to another, change the current character set or merge various fields from tables.

The application displays every type of data contained by tables, whether it is Boolean, Datetime, Float, Integer or String. You can change their types anytime, according to your needs.

Furthermore, the program creates detailed log files containing various, in case you are not allowed to change a variable or field.

Strong SQL editor

K Database Magic helps you manually perform some dataset operations, by allowing you to change the SQL code of each database. You can merge fields by writing their command code, instead of using the application's dedicated window. For experienced SQL users, this is a bliss, since they can tweak their information and personalize the database they manage.

Additionally, the application comes with several tools that can ease off your work, such as report builder, barcode selector and alias replacement utility.

A powerful database management tool

K Database Magic was developed to give you control over the databases you administrate, by providing various tools that can easily help you handle data. You can seamlessly check your tables for data consistency, as the application will provide you with information at every step you make.

K Database Magic was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on March 15th, 2014
K Database Magic - The application allows you to manipulate various databases, by importing or exporting data between them.K Database Magic - The Fields combine tab helps you merge certain column fields from various databases.K Database Magic - By accessing the Character changing tab, you can modify ANSI characters to other supported types, such as DOS852.K Database Magic - screenshot #4K Database Magic - screenshot #5K Database Magic - screenshot #6K Database Magic - screenshot #7K Database Magic - screenshot #8K Database Magic - screenshot #9K Database Magic - screenshot #10

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