MySQL Backup Manager

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A package that activates a backup service in order to automate the process of creating backups of MySQL databases and saving them for later use

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Periodically creating data backups is recommended, but when you work with large data sets, this becomes a must. MySQL Backup Manager is a tool that can automatically backup multiple MySQL databases, creating secure copies in a user-defined location, which can be easily retrieved at a later time.

Its functioning method relies on the use of a Windows service that runs in the background, allowing the backup of the selected items on a regular basis.

The stylish GUI is especially designed to integrate with the overall modern look of the latest Windows OS versions. Its is mainly created to offer a simplistic interface between the user and the service, which can be used for managing the databases you want to backup.

Adding a database to the list is an elementary task, requiring you to provide a few details, such as the host, the database name, as well as the login credentials (username and password) and the backup time.

On-demand backups are also possible and the application can be instructed to automatically remove backup files that are older than a user-defined time period.

Information about your databases is saved in an XML file, which is used by the Windows service in order to initiate the backup operation when the start time is the same as the system time.

MySQL Backup Manager is a simple method to keep your data safe by creating and updating backup files daily. It is worth having within reach to developers who frequently work with MySQL, offering a fast and convenient way to backup their data and restore it afterwards, should anything happen with the original database.

MySQL Backup Manager was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on January 9th, 2014
MySQL Backup Manager - You can manage your databases and initiate the backup process from the designated section of MySQL Backup Manager.MySQL Backup Manager - Users can easily modify database details, remove it from the list or start the backup operation.MySQL Backup Manager - Once the database backup files are created, you are notified about the success of the operation.MySQL Backup Manager - screenshot #4MySQL Backup Manager - screenshot #5

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