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A comprehensive and effective database solution worth having when you need to view, analyze and modify data in Big Data databases such as MongoDB or Couchbase

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NoSQLViewer is a straightforward and complete piece of software especially designed for Big Data software developers and database administrators that provides them with a reliable means of connecting to NoSQL databases and manipulating data effortlessly.

Irrespective of the database you choose to work with, be it MongoDB, Couchbase, Apache Cassandra, CouchDB or HBase, the application enables you to view, analyze and modify data in your NoSQL databases from a single framework.

First off, you are required to connect to a specific database, then specify all the necessary details such as host name, port number, database and login information. After data, NoSQLViewer will display all of the available data, thus allowing you to create a new database or collection. Also, you can export data to JSON files, export the grid data to Excel, XML or PDF documents, as well as transfer data between multiple NoSQL databases.

During our tests, we connected the application with MongoDB, being able to effectively query all the data available in the created databases. Still, in case you use MongoDB, it is quite important to know that NoSQLViewer will not display any information unless a database is specified. On this manner, since MongoDB does not come with its own GUI (it enables you to create a new database connection from the command-prompt), you need to use third-party programs that allow you to work with MongoDB.

Once you create the database, NoSQLViewer will automatically display all the necessary data. The main window allows you to quickly query the existing data using special scripts, create or drop the existing collection and manage all the users that can connect to the selected MongoDB database.

The ‘Action’ menu allows you to refresh the entire database list, create a new database, export data to JSON files and access the ‘Print Preview’ feature.

Taking into consideration that NoSQLViewer provides you with a convenient and effective framework to query, analyze and modify stored data, it proves to be a steady and useful database solution that helps you to manage objects such as collections and users with ease.

NoSQLViewer was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on February 17th, 2014
NoSQLViewer - With the help of NoSQLViewer you are able to simultaneously view, query, and modify data in your NoSQL databasesNoSQLViewer - By accessing the Database menu you are able to connect to a new database, as well as configure the connection settingsNoSQLViewer - You can navigate to the Action menu if you want to import data from JSON files, drop the current database and export the grid dataNoSQLViewer - screenshot #4NoSQLViewer - screenshot #5NoSQLViewer - screenshot #6

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