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A browser based database metadata explorer





Omega is a set of browser-based tools to access and manage your relational databases.

Omega allows you to connect to your enterprise databases using web browser and allows you to explore different database objects (varies depending on your database type and version).

Users can generate reports on one or more database objects and present them in multiple formats (XML, HTML etc.) for easy distributon. Users can search for various objects contained in the database.

Database documentation is an optional add-on (with no cost) that comes with Omega. Using Omega you can easily document your database and different objects (e.g. Tables, Views etc.) contained within that database.

Omega.MSSQL allows you to remotely access and manage your databases with no hassle.

Main features

Database Explorer
■ Omega.MSSQL provides you in-depth information about various database objects contained in the database ranging from tables, columns, views, and users etc. all by using a very intuitive and easy to use browser based interface. Using just one application you can connect to SQL Server 2008 (code named "Katmai"), SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2000.

Database Search
■ Using any database query tool you can easily find out the information contained in the tables (i.e. data). However there is not efficient way to search metadata. For example if you need to find what all tables contain a particular column, your only choice is to look manually into each and every table in the database to find the information you are looking for. Omega has an in-built metadata search engine. You specify what you are looking for, in what all objects (e.g. tables, views, etc.) you want to search for this information and Omega will list all the objects containing the information you are looking for.

Database Documentation
■ Omega.MSSQL lets you document your SQL Server databases. As a part of database documentation users can provide a meaningful explanation of various objects contained in the database. This feature is very useful for the development team and the business users of the database who will know exactly what kind of information is contained in which database object.
■ For table columns and stored procedure parameters, Omega.MSSQL also allows you to specify what kind of values will be contained. Depending upon the data type, a user can specify that a column can contain all possible values, a set of selected values (e.g. 'A', 'B', or 'C') or a range of values (e.g. between 1 and 1000, less than 10000, greater than 50000 etc.)

■ Omega.MSSQL has a built-in reporting engine using which you can generate reports about the database structure and associated documentation. Reports can be generated for all database objects or selected objects (e.g. Tables & Views only). Users can save the reports in XML & HTML format (other formats coming soon). Users have an option of saving the report on the webserver for sharing and downloading it on their machines for later viewing purposes.

SQL Query Builder
■ What good a database explorer would be if you can not query the database to view the data. Well Omega.MSSQL has an in-built SQL Query builder using which you can create and execute sql queries against your database. You have an option of designing the queries using a WYSIWYG query builder or writing on your own. The query engine has a buit in query validator which can be used to validate the queries for syntactical errors before they are executed.

Table Designer
■ Omega.MSSQL now has a table designer feature. Using the table designer feature, you can create new tables, edit (alter) & drop existing tables. You can define new columns, define default constraints for the columns, define computed column specifications for the new columns etc.

Note: A license file is included with the application which will expire on October 1st 2008.  Currently a beta version is available for download which is available free of cost.
Last updated on September 9th, 2008

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