Oracle Database Express11g Release 2

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A useful and powerful database that was especially designed to provide a means of developing, deploying and distributing applications

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Database development and management are activities that are meant only for professionals, given their complexity. Nonetheless, even the most experienced specialists will surely need the most powerful tools in order to successfully and easily carry out their work-related tasks.

One of the most efficient packages in this category of utilities is Oracle Database Express. Geared up towards building and deploying databases and related applications, this tool facilitates the development as well as the administration of such software.

Also going by the name of Oracle Database XE, this piece of kit comes with extended support for a variety of network protocols, including IPC, TCP/IP, TCP/IP with SSL, SDP and Named Pipes. Developing apps can be done in one of the environments that Oracle Database Express is compatible with. These are Oracle SQL Developer, Oracle Application Express, .NET and Visual Studio, PHP and Java.

An important mention related to the installation of Oracle Database XE is that it will require that the user deploying it is part of the Administrators group. It is possible to set it up as a domain user, but only if you are connected to the network prior to starting the procedure.

From the administration console of Oracle Database Express users will be able to view the status of currently used storage, database sessions as well as initialization parameters. In order to create database objects, a user has to be created and configured, a task that, just like many others, will have to be carried out via command-line.

To conclude, it's safe to say that Oracle Database Express (Oracle Database XE) is, indeed, one of the reference tools in its category. Highly specialized and requiring some knowledge in this area of expertise, this software solution can also serve as a training ground for those interested in learning the innards of database management, deployment and development.

Oracle Database Express was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on October 31st, 2013
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