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A reliable and useful reporting utility especially designed for developers and programmers who need to generate PHP web reports from various databases

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PHP Report Maker is a practical and effective piece of software that provides you with a simple means of generating dynamic PHP web reports from MySQL, Access, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases.

Using this application, you are able to generate detail and summary reports by connecting to a database and choosing the tables you are interested in. Javascript and Flash charts are also supported.

After launching PHP Report Maker for the first time, you are required to select a database, choose the server, then specify the username and password. All the available tables, views and reports will appear in the left panel.

The PHP tab enables you to add a new shell call, change the default date format and set up the SMTP configurations.

By accessing the HTML tab, you are able to modify the charset, the text font and size, browse for a site icon or header logo, choose the theme that best suits your needs and edit the current styles. In case you know how to work with CSS scripts, you are able to modify the style by changing the background color, the border spacing and the position of the menus.

As far as the security is concerned, you can use an existing table and login to the database using an attribute of the current table.

The Generate tab enables you to change the template file, modify the application root folder and choose the directory where all the PHP reports will be generated.

Additionally, you can copy table and field settings, delete template cache, grant access to specific tables and change the compatibility properties.

Since the generated web reports are pure PHP, you don’t need to configure any client or server being suitable for both beginners and experienced developers alike.

Overall, PHP Report Maker is a straightforward solution that helps you to quickly generate PHP web reports from databases such as MySQL or Oracle.

PHP Report Maker was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on July 30th, 2015
PHP Report Maker - In the main window of PHP Report Maker users can add Access or SQL databases and view contained tablesPHP Report Maker - Users can configure table-related options such as selectable page sizes or sorting typesPHP Report Maker - In the PHP tab users can add shell calls, specify the default date format and languagePHP Report MakerPHP Report MakerPHP Report MakerPHP Report MakerPHP Report MakerPHP Report MakerPHP Report MakerPHP Report Maker

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