SQLS*Plus for SQL Server2.0.1.8

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An Oracle SQL*Plus like software for Microsoft SQL Server

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SQLS*Plus for SQL Server providesMicrosoft SQL Server users with a very similar tool to the Oracle SQL*Plus application. This way, Oracle SQL*Plus fans can benefit from their favorite program’s features within the SQL Server and even learn that it can prove to be better, in some cases, than its master.

The SQL*Plus database utility is Oracle’s most basic program in its category, featuring a command-line GUI and usually serves administrators and programmers. SQLS*Plus only supports the 2000, 2005 and 2008 iterations of the SQL server, thus limiting its use to older versions.

SQL reporting is a breeze when using SQLS*Plus for SQL Server due to its advanced options and enhanced functionality. In fact, this application can be a better alternative to other SQL Server command-line tools such as sqlcmd, osql or osql. Batch operation is yet another advantage of SQLS*Plus for SQL Server as well as the script support.

Database administrators can surely find a very good tool in SQLS*Plus for SQL Server, while developers are also targeted as potential users. The tool easily helps you execute database tasks, automate data processing or even report on batch jobs. Converting Oracle SQL scripts can also be achieved with this particular piece of software in case you are migrating from Oracle to SQL.

SQLS*Plus for SQL Server sports a great set of features for everyone working with SQL databases. Although intended for professionals, the required knowledge can be easily acquired. The bottom line is that SQLS*Plus for SQL Server can really save much of your precious time with its speed of execution and make tedious tasks a bit if not a lot more easier.

SQLS*Plus for SQL Server was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on April 26th, 2013
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