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A handy and practical application worth having when you need to manage, create and view databases, tables and their variables using an intuitive interface

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SQLite Admin is a simple, useful and reliable application that comes in handy for users who work with multiple databases and need to examine the structure of a database, create new ones or simply execute any type of SQL statement.

The main window of the application is intuitive and enables you to open an existing database, create a new one or simply use the sqladmindemo.db in order to keep track of the databases and SQL statements you opened.

In case you want to create a new database, a blank grid will be automatically generated. The ‘Open Query’ button, available in the upper part of the application allows you to open a new SQL file or manually enter a SQL statement, then execute it. What’s more, you can even run multiple SQL scripts at a time.

The History section, available in the left part of the Query window allows you to view all the executed SQL statements used to grab data from tables.

Still, a drawback of the application is that it does not provide you with code completion features, nor useful options that help you to configure the scripts. Working with SQLite Admin you must be a good connoisseur of the SQL scripts and functions since no helpful features are available.

After creating the tables you are interested in, the main window of the application enables you to view all the available entries, the primary keys and the data type for each entry. However, you cannot edit them unless you access the Query window and use the ALTER script that helps you to modify the existing tables.

Considering all of the above, SQLite Admin proves to be a steady and reliable solution especially designed for users who really know how to work with SQL scripts and need to manage and edit multiple databases using an intuitive environment.

SQLite Admin was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on December 27th, 2013
SQLite Admin - The main window of SQLite Admin allows you to select an existing database you want to view and edit or create a new one.SQLite Admin - From the main window of the database viewer you can refresh schema and open a query.SQLite Admin - The Query tab of SQLite Admin enables you to execute queries and batches as well as to open SQL database files.

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