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Create a new SQL or CSV database from scratch or edit an existing one with the help of this lightweight and user friendly software application

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In order to have quick access to info of interest, it must be stored in a well organized database. Various specialized applications are used to create tables containing only specific field, connected with links so that data is constantly monitored and kept up to date. SQLite Studio is a lightweight utility that allows you to create and manage custom databases.

Easily add different tables

Upon opening the application, you can choose to import a SQL or CSV file to be edited and saved under the same format, or create new content from scratch. The main workspace is split into three tabs, two of which are dedicated to browsing throughout the database as well as the data itself.

Creating a table inevitably requires you to fill in several fields, excluding content. A name should be given, the type of data it stores, which can range from text to blob and null, as well as setting the default value or additional comments.

Records can easily be added from a different tab, clicking on a single button brings up an empty field which you can fill with precious data. Remember to save often though, because if you want to sort by a specific field, records are immediately deleted.

Create index and export as SQL or CSV

Another available function the application puts at your disposal is to create a new index. This can be done for every table in your database almost instantly. You simply need to select to which field it is applied, order and whether it allows duplicates or not.

When you finish storing your info, you can choose to export your work in one of the two types that might suit you best. The whole database can be exported as an SQL file or just a table as CSV.

To end with

To sum it up, SQLite Studio is a handy utility to quickly create and manage a database. The user friendly interface allows you to accommodate fast and everything is kept as simple as possible so you don't get lost in details. Either modify an existing database or create a new one, this application makes it look easy.

SQLite Studio was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on April 28th, 2014
SQLite Studio - The main window of the application lets you browse for all your available databases.SQLite Studio - The second tab of the program gives you the chance to browse for data in your databases.SQLite Studio - You can execute a certain query using this dedicated window you can see below.SQLite Studio - screenshot #4SQLite Studio - screenshot #5SQLite Studio - screenshot #6SQLite Studio - screenshot #7

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