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A powerful database reporting application that comes with advanced querying options, enabling you to generate chart series and schedule tasks

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Seal Report is a robust database reporting utility that can provide assistance in easily generating comprehensive reports containing database records.

The package comprises two separate applications, namely Seal Report Designer and Seal Server Manager. The first one is dedicated to selecting the items that the output report will contain, while the second can help you create a repository data source.

Setting up the database connection and creating a repository to store all the data should not be so difficult, especially since detailed documentation is included in the package. Seal Server Manager features an intuitive GUI where you can manage all the connections, tables and enumerated lists.

You can easily import existing tables from the catalog or create new ones with a few clicks. Once you do so, Seal Server Manager takes care of the rest, automatically adding joins and columns.

Seal Report Designer can assist you in building new reports based on your database schema, by using dynamic SQL. To do so, you must select the source of the data and test the connection to see if everything works as it should.

The application imports the table structure, enabling you to input the desired SQL statement for querying the master table in your database. Choosing the records that will be included in the report is done by dragging and dropping the desired elements within the 'Model' section. Optionally, you can filter data by placing items in the 'Restrictions' pane.

The report generation process starts as soon as you hit the 'Execute' button. The built-in 'Report Viewer' displays the results in an organized manner, enabling you to open a HTML version in the default web browser.

Seal Report relies on advanced querying capabilities and features scheduling options that allow it to periodically create reports, save them to your computer or send them to you via e-mail. It can prove to be a useful tool for any database administrator and is definitely worth a try, especially since it comes with an open-source license.

Seal Report was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on August 18th, 2015
Seal Report - You can set up the database connection from the main window of Seal Report Designer.Seal Report - The 'Tools' menu of Seal Report Designer enables users to check the data sources and refresh the lists.Seal Report - You can drag and drop the database fields you want to include in your report and execute the task with a single click.Seal ReportSeal ReportSeal ReportSeal Report

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