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Organize your inventory in a better way by storing all info in a database you easily create with special fields and various tools

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Keeping a close record of items you frequently work with, be them documents, commercial products or simply your music collection is beneficial, especially when it comes to businesses. There is no better way than to organize multiple entries in a database, and there are various applications you can choose from, just like Visual Database Creator.

Simple design quickly gets you up and running

The application isn't much to look at in terms of design, keeping all aspects simple. This gives it some degree of practicality, with the upper toolbar fitted with all tools you need to create a database, while the rest of the space displays your entries in adjustable columns.

Two ways to create a database

Sadly, you can only work with the application's specific format, namely VDC, which cuts most of its practicality. On the other hand, you can use CSV files to gather up data and have it automatically placed in your database.

When it comes to adding values, the overall process only depends on the amount of data you want to add. You can use a wizard that prompts you with a series of questions to determine the type of column you want to add, but not before specifying a name. Taking matters into your own hands is as easy as using the wizard, with the only difference being that you have to pick the column type from a list.

Use a search field to quickly find data

All columns are displayed in a list, with the possibility to modify entry type, value and name, as well as whether or not to display them in the workspace. You can create up to five different types of data fields, which are text, number, money, picture and date. Each is displayed in a different color for easy identification.

In case your database is overwhelmed with entries, you can use an integrated search engine to quickly retrieve specific values. This is done by choosing a target column, as well as one of the several preset parameters.

Far from being a pro

However, practicality ends here, with additional options only including a basic calculator to which you can add up column values, as well as a default field that displays the total for all entries. There is no limit to the amount of data you can add, but the set of operations you get to work with are shallow, with the end result being a basic database type.

To sum it up

All in all, Visual Database Creator is not really what you'd expect for an application of its kind, with a shallow set of tools and minimum flexibility because of the lack of support for other types of databases. The creation process is easy enough, but the application can only be used to keep basic records of items, commercial products or various collections.

Visual Database Creator was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on January 14th, 2015
Visual Database Creator - The main window of Visual Database Creator allows you to build the databases you need.Visual Database Creator - You can use the Tools menu to access the Calculation Editor and lock the database structure.Visual Database Creator - You can modify your record heading, action and state from the Edit Data window.Visual Database CreatorVisual Database CreatorVisual Database CreatorVisual Database Creator

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