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Distribute database applications created with XtraBuild Designer by relying on this user-friendly and efficient software utility

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XtraBuild Runtime is a complex and effective piece of software aimed to offer users a simple method of running and distributing projects and tools that were developed with the help of XtraBuild Designer.

Straightforward and practical looks

The application features a fairly simple and intuitive interface, its looks making it approachable for almost anyone, though a certain amount of experience in the field could prove a major helper, as it requires working with databases, which is not precisely novice-suitable.

The main window of XtraBuild Runtime allows users to create a new document (DOCX) without the need for Microsoft Word to be installed. These files can be viewed, edited, converted and printed thanks to the various functions and components provided by the utility.

App management and distribution made easy

The program supports SQLite and Access databases, enabling users to work with whichever they prefer. While XtraBuild Runtime does come with a built-in demonstration database and application, users will need their own database connection in order to manage their projects.

XtraBuild Runtime functions by helping the end-user connect to the database through it, initially requiring authentication. Subsequently, the project gets loaded, immediately building its interface, letting end-users access the forms by assembling them when needed and discarding them when done.

The software developed using XtraBuild Designer simulate the visual appearance of Microsoft Office tools. The editor component enables users to modify and save files to DOCX or RTF format, also allowing them to convert documents to HTML, XML, ODT, EPUB, MHT or PDF.

A useful app distributer

To conclude, XtraBuild Runtime is a reliable and comprehensive utility aimed to support developers in distributing their XtraBuild Designer projects to end-users, with minimal effort entailed on all parts.
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Last updated on March 25th, 2015

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XtraBuild Runtime - The main window of XtraBuild Runtime enables you to open or create a new document to work withXtraBuild Runtime - From the Open tab, you can select to work with a Word document, a SQLite file or an Access itemXtraBuild Runtime - The side tabs allow you to open an existing database, opting between Access and SQLiteXtraBuild RuntimeXtraBuild RuntimeXtraBuild Runtime

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