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Distribute database applications created with XtraBuild Designer by relying on this user-friendly and efficient software utility

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XtraBuild Runtime is a complex and effective piece of software aimed to offer users a simple method of running and distributing projects and tools that were developed with the help of XtraBuild Designer.

Straightforward and practical looks

The application features a fairly simple and intuitive interface, its looks making it approachable for almost anyone, though a certain amount of experience in the field could prove a major helper, as it requires working with databases, which is not precisely novice-suitable.

The main window of XtraBuild Runtime allows users to create a new database, either in SQLite or Access format. Subsequently, users will also need to associate a local project with it.

App management and distribution made easy

The program supports SQLite, MySQL, SQL Server and Access databases, enabling users to work with whichever they prefer. While XtraBuild Runtime does come with a built-in demonstration database and application, users will need their own database connection to manage their projects.

XtraBuild Runtime works as a means of connecting to the database, initially requiring authentication. Afterward, the project gets loaded, immediately building its interface and letting end-users access the forms by assembling them when needed and discarding them when done.

In terms of output capabilities, users can export files to a variety of formats, including PDF, HTML, MHT, XLS, TXT, BMP, EMF, TIFF and others. The generated files can either be saved locally or sent via email.

A useful tool for integrating databases in your apps

To conclude, XtraBuild Runtime is a reliable and comprehensive utility aimed to support developers in distributing their XtraBuild Designer projects to end-users, with minimal effort entailed on all parts.

XtraBuild Runtime was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on September 24th, 2015
XtraBuild Runtime - At launch, the application provides you with the possibility to easily access any of the recently opened databasesXtraBuild Runtime - The tool allows you to create a new database in a few simple steps, on any location on your computerXtraBuild Runtime - The program can be used to open various databases, including SQLite and Access ones, as well as to connect to SQL Server and MySQLXtraBuild Runtime - screenshot #4XtraBuild Runtime - screenshot #5XtraBuild Runtime - screenshot #6XtraBuild Runtime - screenshot #7XtraBuild Runtime - screenshot #8XtraBuild Runtime - screenshot #9XtraBuild Runtime - screenshot #10XtraBuild Runtime - screenshot #11XtraBuild Runtime - screenshot #12XtraBuild Runtime - screenshot #13

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