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A simple database creation utility suitable for personal use or small businesses that also includes a custom script editor to add complex commands

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Although you might not frequently use one, databases are widely used in order to securely keep data in an organized manner and quickly retrieve search queries. These are not specialized for a specific environment or data type, so you can easily keep a record of anything you want. In this regard, dbEdit comes as a simple means of organizing data, quickly find it and save to file.

Lightweight, with a simple design

With a simple design, you quickly get an idea of what can be accomplished. Your workspace covers most of the main window, with all necessary controls and edit options accessible through the upper toolbar or context menu.

Comes with a poor set of features

However, the application is stripped of most functions that could have made it a professional utility of its kind. This reduces flexibility to personal use, or at most very small businesses. In other words, you only get to work with a spreadsheet you can equip with as many columns you need, while data can be inserted under any format, which isn't anything that Excel can't handle.

Difficult method to insert data

Moreover, it's recommended to pay a visit to the help manual at first, or you might end up stuck, unable to insert any data in fields. This is because you can't just select a specific cell and write down values, while the option to insert a new line doesn't even pop up a window to edit or insert data.

What creates more frustration is the edit function, which is difficult to spot and has no shortcut on the toolbar, nor can you add one. File support is also shallow, with the application only capable of importing and exporting CSV formats.

A little practicality is added because of an integrated script editor and runner. While you need some degree of knowledge, enthusiasts can create all kinds of functions to interact with external apps and stored data. There aren't any preset macros, so you need to manually create all functions.

On an ending note

All in all, dbEdit is far from being a pro of its kind, with a highly questionable level of practicality. This is because of the difficult and confusing creation process, poor file support, as well as no options to link or upload data to your server. The script editor comes in handy, but it isn't nearly enough to make the application worth more than a try.

dbEdit was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on January 27th, 2015
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