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A reliable and and fast application that helps users create and manage multiple mail accounts, deployed on a custom server database

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When starting a small business or enterprise, a key element that gives you a professional touch is having a custom mail server. This is a major feature of any company, as their employees can communicate faster and safer.

In order to create a large email database and server, you need a powerful application that can help you manage the data flow.

AA Mail Server is such an application. It can help you deploy an email database within minutes, then create accounts for each member of your company.

Reliable domain creator

The program helps you create a server for your email account. You need to create a domain first, so that any following account will be linked to it. You can then manage any email account created with ease.

One of the strongest features of AA Mail Server is the fact that it supports both SQL Server and Access databases. This gives you the possibility to manage the databases on either platform, depending on your preferences.

You can create groups of mail accounts, useful for categorizing emails and ensuring that your employees receive only relevant, group-related emails. For instance, you can have several departments, such as HR and Accounting, and send emails only to a group, without bothering the other with irrelevant spam.

Furthermore, the application supports ISP relaying, so you can easily send emails worldwide. You can create system backups and restore your database, in case it crashes or malfunctions. In addition, you can use the diagnose function of the application in order to quickly detect and pinpoint any problems.

Powerful email server deployment application

AA Mail Server helps any user, but especially small enterprise owners, to deploy their own email server, and create mail accounts for each employee with ease.

AA Mail Server was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on March 22nd, 2014
AA Mail Server - AA Mail Server helps you manage your email accounts, as well as the domains used.AA Mail Server - By accessing the Operation menu, you can view the log analysis and perform a system restore.AA Mail Server - In the Account menu, you can edit an email profile or send messages to other people.AA Mail ServerAA Mail ServerAA Mail ServerAA Mail ServerAA Mail ServerAA Mail ServerAA Mail ServerAA Mail ServerAA Mail ServerAA Mail ServerAA Mail ServerAA Mail Server

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