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Provides SMTP (including secondary SMTP), POP3, IMAP and delivery services





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ArGoSoft Mail Server .NET is continues best traditions of Win32 based mail servers. It uses concepts and methods, used, tested and approved by tens of thousands of users since we first released our first mail server in 1999.

But, the .NET version uses more advanced database engine, and contanins 100% managed code (.NET), which make it more reliable, efficient, fast. The difference in speed is more noticeable with IMAP and the Web interface.

It contains two modules:
■ Mail Server module itself, which is a Windows service application, and provides SMTP (including secondary SMTP), POP3, IMAP and delivery services. ArGoSoft Mail Server also supports Mailbag domains and has built-in anti-spam and security features.
■ An optional web interface, which is a ASP.NET application, and allows an access to email. Users with special server and domain group administration rights, also can administer the server, using the web interface. Web interface is free, and comes with source code, allowing easy customization and localization.
Last updated on March 30th, 2014
ArGoSoft Mail Server .NETArGoSoft Mail Server .NETArGoSoft Mail Server .NETArGoSoft Mail Server .NET

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