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An easy to use application that enables you to set up and configure your personal FTP server, as well as monitor the data traffic

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The Personal FTP Server is a simple to use software that enables you to turn your computer into a FTP server, and allow other users from the network to connect to your station. You can set up multiple user permissions, for data access, copy, delete or save files. The FTP protocol allows data quick transfer or exchange between your computer and other stations.

Setting up and easily configuring the FTP

You can easily configure your PC as a FTP server, with The Personal FTP Server, then let the application run in the background, and continue your work. While the application is running, the FTP server is up, which means other users have access to the files and folders stored on your computer. Data exchange is supported through the FTP connection.

The software does not apply security checks to the users who connect to your computer, so you need to set up a list of authorised users, by creating a profile containing individual IPs and passwords. You may create multiple such profiles and even assign a personal path to each authorised user. Additionally, you may block certain IPs.

Grant permissions or restrict access to other users

Each user profile can easily be customized and granted certain rights; these permissions include the right to read and write files, save, delete or copy data to and from your computer. Additionally, you may block unwanted IPs and enable the protection against brute force attacks coming from the network. The protection against brute force ensures three false attempts from the server.

Additionally you may set the software to sever the FTP connection and shut the server down after a certain period of being idle. Moreover, you can set up a file filter, that restricts files of certain formats to be transferred to and from your computer.

Enable fast and secure data transfer

The Personal FTP Server allows you to set up FTP protocol in order to create a data exchange environment in which you can transfer files to and from the server station at high speeds. Additionally, there is no size limit for the file transfer, so you can backup all the data on your computer with the help of the FTP server configuration. Moreover, authorised users may have access to computer functions, to opening programs or modifying files.

The Personal FTP Server was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 3rd, 2014
The Personal FTP Server - The Personal FTP Server allows you to set up, configure, then monitor the visitors on your own, local FTP server.The Personal FTP Server - The software enables you to set a list of users, with specified credentials, then allow them a certain level of permissions.The Personal FTP Server - You may easily start or stop the server, as well as enable automatic server shutdown when idle for a certain amount of time.The Personal FTP Server - screenshot #4The Personal FTP Server - screenshot #5The Personal FTP Server - screenshot #6The Personal FTP Server - screenshot #7The Personal FTP Server - screenshot #8

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