DNS Performance Test

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A simple-to-handle and portable program that helps you monitor your DNS performance with the aid of a line graph with minimum effort

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DNS Performance Test is a small software application designed specifically for helping you carry out tests in order to assess the performance of your DNS. The results are displayed with the aid of a graph.

The advantages of being portable

Since this is a portable program, it is important to mention that it doesn’t leave any traces in the Windows Registry.

You can copy it on any USB flash drive or other devices, and take it with you whenever you need to test your DNS functionality on the breeze, without having to go through installation steps.

Check out the results in a line graph

As soon as you run it, DNS Performance Test automatically starts resolving the domain names included in the plain text file in a random order. The document contains a preset list with various domain names, and you can manually edit this file if you want to test different domains.

The line graph provides details about the DNS query times (in milliseconds), and you can also view additional information about the number of successful queries, average, best, or worst query time, last query time, timeouts, as well as overall status of your DNS performance.

Bottom line

To sum it up, DNS Performance Test provides a simple software solution when it comes to helping you ensure that the DNS lookups are working properly and the server is resolving the domain names correctly. It would have useful to see support for instant notifications (e.g. email, SMS, audio notifications, popup messages) when there are problems with the DNS, such as downtime or performance issues.

DNS Performance Test was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on April 5th, 2014
DNS Performance Test - The main window of DNS Performance Test allows you to view the DNS query times chart.DNS Performance Test - You can view the number of successful queries and the best query time by accessing the Stats tab.