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A desktop client for live streaming, music transfer and more which creates a connection between your computer and your mobile device

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Emit is an application designed to create a connection between your computer and your mobile phone.

Using this connection, you can stream content from your PC to your mobile device, no matter where you are and an Internet connection is available. With it, you are able to access music, movies, photos and anything else that you share on your computer which your phone is capable of opening.

The content comes pre-encoded so you get to save a lot of time when it comes to viewing a movie or other similar content. Also, with Emit you are able to download the files onto your device for offline viewing, as well as share your iTunes library.

In order for the system to work, you obviously need to download the application for your mobile phone. It automatically detects all the computers that have Emit installed on your local network. To create the connection to a new computer, the mobile app will request a ‘Web PIN’ which is generated by Emit and shown in its interface.

Emit also displays the TCP port and allows you to set a different one if needed. Moreover, the application provides a ‘Check Connection’ feature which let’s you know if everything is in order and Emit good to go.

The application offers a simple and effective solution for streaming and remains focused on that task alone. You get this from the lack of any complicated settings which would normally make the application prone to various errors. With Emit, you get to choose the number of encoding threads, network interface and that’s about it.

In closing, Emit is by all means a very practical and easy to manage solution for when you want to wirelessly connect your phone to a computer and stream all kinds of multimedia content to the mobile device.

Emit was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on January 17th, 2014
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