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Streaming Multimedia Content to KiSS Networked DivX Players






An easy-to-use server program that was designed for streaming multimedia content to KiSS Networked DVD/DivX Players such as the KiSS DP-50x, DP-150x and DP-558 models.

FreeKiSS is intended to be a simple to use server application that is used to serve juicy multimedia content to the networked and wireless DivX players which are made by KiSS Technologies.

Indeed, there are already various applications that are doing exactly the same. However, we wanted to make an application that is as simple as possible. Furthermore, we aimed to make FreeKiSS the fastest server application for doing that job.

Here are some key features of "FreeKiSS":

· Live folders (browse through the folders in real-time!)
· Allows you to merge multiple folders into one single dynamic one
· Shows .pls, .m3u and .wpl playlists as folders
· Editable KML-links (for Firmware 2.8.8+)
· On-the-fly image conversion of non-JPEG pictures (e.g. GIF, PNG, BMP and some more image formats)
· On-the-fly image resizing
· Subtitles support
· Access control for IP addresses
Last updated on September 17th, 2005
FreeKiSS - The software application will reside in tray, right-clicking it's icon will bring up the program menu.FreeKiSS - The types of files that this program can stream are: audio, video, picture and subtitle.FreeKiSS - It has option to configure the compression quality of images.