Internet Broadcasting Server Free Edition2.0.1.17268 RFR

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Make your own online radio station quickly and easily with Internet Broadcasting Server





Internet Broadcasting Server is a application that allows you to broadcast your mp3's and pictures over the internet quickly and easily.

Here are some key features of "Internet Broadcasting Server Free Edition":

Audio quality: you'll broadcast CD-quality music from your PC, in stereo. Broadcasts have a bandwidth ranging from 18 Kbps (AM radio) to 192 Kbps (CD quality), and sampling rates up to 44 KHz.
Many listeners: hundreds of concurrent listeners may receive your program. Such a large number of people can connect to your broadcast even if you have no broadband connection to the Internet, because your stream will be relayed by your ISP's web server.
Slide show: you can animate your audio broadcast with images. Simply select a folder containing your photos (jpg, bmp), and they'll be transmitted along with your audio program.
Easy to use: reading a short tutorial is enough to understand how the software works. Detailed help pages are also available to learn how to use all the features. After installing the software, simply select a folder containing your audio files (mp3, ogg or wav) and click the Start button.
Privacy: Your program is public by default - anybody can receive it. But you can protect it with a secret key to reserve it to authorized users, either your friends and family, or paying subscribers.
Last updated on August 22nd, 2007
Internet Broadcasting Server Free Edition - Internet Broadcasting Server's main window allows you to access all of the programs features and settings: ftp connection settings, audio source and settings, image options and much more.