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Streaming media server for broadcasting music and images over the Internet





The Internet Broadcasting Studio is a software package composed of two programs: BS-Server and BS-Player. BS-Server is capable of streaming images and music from a simple PC running Windows XP to a potentially large audience, using a standard web server as a bandwidth amplifier. All you need to start your own Internet broadcast is this program, and the ability to upload files to some web server.

BS-Server will run on your computer, builds a data stream with your pictures and/or audio files, and sends this stream into a directory of your web site. The disk space used in the web server is always less than 5 MB, even if your broadcast lasts for hour

To view/listen to your broadcast, your audience will use BS-Player, a light-weight multimedia player specially designed to receive the BS-Server data streams. BS-Player is freely redistributable, meaning that your audience can download it and use it for free. To protect your copyright and prevent others from copying your photos and music, BS-Player has no "Save" feature.

With Internet Broadcasting Studio, you can easily set up a pay-per-view broadcast by encrypting your data stream with a secret key. Send the key to viewers/listeners who subscribed to your broadcast with PayPal or any other online payment processing services. You can further control access to your broadcast by setting user-based passwords with your web server htaccess files.

Here are some key features of "Internet Broadcasting Studio Free":

Audio quality: you'll broadcast CD-quality music from your PC, in stereo. Broadcasts have a bandwidth ranging from 18 Kbps (AM radio) to 192 Kbps (CD quality), and sampling rates up to 44 KHz.
Many listeners: hundreds of concurrent listeners may receive your program. Such a large number of people can connect to your broadcast even if you have no broadband connection to the Internet, because your stream will be relayed by your ISP's web server (see Concept page).
Slideshow: you can animate your audio broadcast with images. Simply select a folder containing your photos (jpg, bmp), and they'll be transmitted along with your audio program.
Easy to use: our 30-seconds tutorial is enough to understand how the software works. A larger tutorial and detailed help files are also available to learn how to use all the features. After installing the software, simply select a folder containing your audio files (mp3, ogg or wav) and click the Start button !
Privacy: Your program is public by default - anybody can receive it. But you can protect it with a secret key to reserve it to authorized users, either your friends and family, or paying subscribers.


■ .NET Framework 1.1
■ 700 Mhz processor
■ 128 Mb RAM
■ a sound board


■ No Custom streams
■ No stream protection
■ 8 Maximum concurrent connections
■ 7 Configuration presets
Last updated on August 22nd, 2007
Internet Broadcasting StudioInternet Broadcasting StudioInternet Broadcasting Studio