Ozeki Message Server6.4.1.0

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SMS gateway for your PC. Attach a Phone or connect to an SMSC over the Internet.





Ozeki Message Server is a powerful, flexible application, that enables you to send / receive SMS messages to mobile devices with your computer. It has an easy to use user interface, and an excellent internal architecture. The application can use a GSM mobile phone attached to the PC with a phone-to-PC data cable or IP SMS technology to transmit and receive the messages.

Give Ozeki Message Server a try to see what it's really capable of!
Last updated on March 30th, 2010
Ozeki Message Server - This is the main window of Ozeki Message Server from where you can access all the features of the application.Ozeki Message Server - From this window of Ozeki Message Server you will be able to compose new SMS or MMS messages.Ozeki Message Server - Using this window you will be able to view your current installed drivers.Ozeki Message Server - screenshot #4Ozeki Message Server - screenshot #5