SSH Server

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A server application that runs on a host computer and allows secure access to remote users for management and maintenance purposes

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SSH Server is a tool aimed at advanced users that are familiar with working via a command-line. As expected, the application features encryption capabilities for secure communication with the remote client.

Simple installation procedure

Installing the server on the system is a simple task and there aren’t too many steps to go through. There is no application window or a proper configuration panel to tinker with but the list of running services shows the new entry.

The server application sports SFTP and SCP capabilities along with secure TCP/IP connection tunnelling.

From a remote machine users can connect to the server in order to administrate it. One of the uses for such a tool is managing web, mail, database, and application servers.

Remote server administration

Among the operations that can be carried out with the tool there is file editing, initiating batch files or scripts, which greatly widens the list of possibilities.

The communication between the two machines is done through the SSH2 protocol and the access to the server is based on the username and password of the system.

Furthermore, there is the possibility to limit access based on host names and IP addresses while restrictions to server resources (files and servers) is imposed by the permissions set in the OS.

As far as configuration goes, there is control over user sessions and printer jobs via the command line interface; there is control over shutdown and restart services as well as for selecting the cipher for encrypting the data.

Secure connection to a remote server

SSH Server is intended for users with advanced computer skills and offers a way to connect to a remote machine easily and securely.

There are customization options available that can be done by creating a special account. Also, it comes with the necessary documentation to get you started.

SSH Server was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on May 29th, 2014