Star Syslog Daemon Lite3.5.1

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It can monitor and store syslog messages.





Star Syslog Daemon is a useful and professional syslog server. It can receive, log and display Syslog messages from all syslog enabled device. Star SysLog Daemon Lite is based on internet standard protocol, which is specified by RFC 3164.

Here are some key features of "Star Syslog Daemon Lite":

■ GUI based syslog server
■ Receives messages via UDP, TCP
■ Filter on IP Address, Hostname, or Message content
■ Messages are displayed in real-time
■ Forwards messages via UDP or TCP
■ Minimizes to the system tray
■ Buffering messages ensure no message will be missed
■ DNS resolution of source host IP addresses
■ Scheduling the hours of operation
■ Search syslog message and alarm message in archived log file
■ Play the sound file of your choice when the filter conditions are met
■ Forward the received Syslog messages via e-mail when the filter conditions are met
■ Send a Syslog message to another host when the filter conditions are met
■ RFC3164 compatiable


■ Pentium III processor (or equivalent) and later
■ 256 MB RAM or above
■ 100 MB Harddisk available space or above
■ 10/100 or wireless LAN card
Last updated on July 29th, 2008
Star Syslog Daemon Lite - screenshot #1