WiRNS 2.0.0 / 3.0.4246.296 Beta

An application that allows you to view and connect to your ReplayTV device through an Internet proxy and download the desired shows to your computer
WiRNS - The tray menu of WiRNS allows you to start and stop the service, as well as view the debug logs.
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WiRNS runs as a service and it can be scheduled to automatically record shows on your ReplayTV and stream them on your computer.

You can configure the channel lineup remapping and customize the favorite channels list from within the customizable user interface.

Main features:

  • Web Browser-based interface accessible locally and anywhere there is internet
  • Configurable User Interface
  • Access Security with optional IP address override
  • Optional Low Bandwidth/Dial-up web pages
  • Guide data delivery from ReplayTV (DNNA) servers, or optional Alternate guide data sources for non-U.S. or special lineup needs
  • Automatic and Manual Guide Data Updates
  • Configurable channel lineup remapping
  • Channel Guide Display with recording scheduling and customizable Favorite Channels lists
  • Recording Scheduling for ReplayTV 4000 and 5000 users
  • ToDo List shows what will be recorded, allows you to change scheduled recording options or cancel a recording
  • Replay Guide shows what has been recorded
  • Remote Control - control your ReplayTV
  • Show Search, better than Replay. Schedule recordings from search results
  • IVS Sending and Receiving, IVS Tracker for monitoring and controlling IVS Transfers
  • IVSMagic integration
  • Poopli integration, including processing of Poopli emails
  • Configurable Show Paths - send a different WiRNS ReplayGuide to each or any ReplayTV
  • Download and/or schedule downloading of shows from your ReplayTV to your PC. Downloaded shows are DVArchive and IVSMagic compatable
  • SmartDownload - WiRNS knows when your Replay is busy and will adjust the download rate automatically
  • Virtual Replay - View your WiRNS ReplayGuide on, and stream downloaded shows to, your ReplayTV
  • Just In Time record scheduling. Powerful automated show search and scheduling, plus Do Not Record Again (DNRA) option.
  • Scripting language with Event Triggers
  • NTP Client for the WiRNS Computer, optionally se your own NTP server IP address
  • NTP "server"/proxy
  • DNS "server"/proxy - no reverse lookups & only for local LAN
  • WiRNSMon - System Tray service monitor/controller
  • Selective plugin loading via registry
  • Support for WiRNS behind NAT router for remote ReplayTVs via wirns.hosts file
  • Web based show streaming with configurable protocols, codecs and bitrates
  • Manual or Scheduled daily/weekly net connections for your ReplayTV
  • ReplayTV Screen-Shot grabber
  • Configurable secondary web port in case your ISP blocks port 80
  • Can be run as a service
  • Automatic & Manual WiRNS software updates

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May 7th, 2014, 8:10 GMT
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Ryan Bolenbaugh
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Windows All
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WiRNS - The Security window enables you to enter your User ID and password and use these credentials to log in.

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