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A powerful and efficient application that provides comprehensive management modules for proxy servers, allowing you to share your connection easily

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Proxy Server Agent is a handy and reliable application that targets users in need of a fast proxy application that can share their connection or enable anonymity inside web browsers.

You will be able to allow other computers or devices to use your connection through the PC where Proxy Server Agent is installed. Moreover, by using proxy addresses, your real IP becomes invisible resulting in a more private browsing environment where tracking or hacking attempts will be blocked.

With support for protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, SOCSK4 and SOCKS5, as well as proxy tunneling, the program acts like a gateway between you and the Internet, routing all of the traffic through the addresses that you specify.

The interface of the application is divided into several tabs, each dealing with a different set of preferences. The first one allows users to configure proxy use for various browsers, including Internet Explorer, Opera or Firefox, while the second one allows you to build the list of servers that you’re going to be using from now on.

There’s no limit to the number of proxy servers that can be added and if you’re reluctant to define the list yourself, you can use the built-in proxy finder to automatically fetch addresses from various countries.

In the third tab, you can customize the use of proxy chains and finally, in the last section you will be able to set the application to log events, requests or errors if you plan on reviewing these at a later time.

However, it is recommended that these configurations be performed by the hand of advanced users. The application lacks in friendliness and ease of use, to the disadvantage of the less experienced.

Proxy Server Agent was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on January 9th, 2014
Proxy Server Agent - This is the main window of Proxy Server Agent where you can select the types of proxy servers you preferProxy Server Agent - Proxy Server Agent will allow you to change the referrer information according to your necessitiesProxy Server Agent - The Proxy section is the place where you can create alist of IPs that will be usedProxy Server Agent - screenshot #4Proxy Server Agent - screenshot #5Proxy Server Agent - screenshot #6Proxy Server Agent - screenshot #7Proxy Server Agent - screenshot #8Proxy Server Agent - screenshot #9Proxy Server Agent - screenshot #10Proxy Server Agent - screenshot #11

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