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A reliable and easy to use tool that can search for proxy servers, extracting all the data from an online source and pinging the hosts to check their availability

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Proxy servers are a good and efficient method of hiding your real identity when navigating online, providing a simple method of changing the IP address and the location that web servers allocate to your computer. This way, you can bypass geographical restrictions and protect your private information.

Get extensive lists of proxies

ProxySearcher is a handy tool that can help you out in this matter, retrieving a list of valid proxy servers that you can use to configure your Internet connection preferences. Its main advantage is that it can spare you the tedious and tiring process of finding and trying proxy addresses, displaying a list of IPs that can be immediately used.

The proxies are retrieved from a website that makes such lists available for public use. All the proxy IP addresses are displayed alongside the port number and the associated geographical location, as well as details regarding HTTPS support.

Sort entries to find the best proxy

Together with the aforementioned data, ProxySearcher displays information about a proxy's anonymity and response time. These are the indicators that should interest you most, besides the proxy location, since they show you how reliable a proxy server is.

The list can be easily sorted by clicking on the table headers, which is quite helpful if you are looking for a high-anonymity server or one with a low response time. It is advisable that you choose a proxy server from a country close to your real location, so as to avoid connection failures.

Hide your identity using found proxies

ProxySearcher saves you the time needed to look for proxy servers manually, displaying a rich list of IP addresses that you can choose from. As a drawback, it does not provide any exporting or saving capabilities, only allowing you to copy IP addresses and port numbers of to the clipboard and then make the changes yourself.

ProxySearcher was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on July 29th, 2014
ProxySearcher - You can use ProxySearcher to quickly find a proxy server and use the new IP address to navigate on the Internet anonymously.

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