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An easy to use software solution designed mainly to protect your online identity, by providing you with a number of IP addresses to switch between

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SafeIP is a user-friendly application meant to help you protect your privacy and hide your real IP address by using various others from around the world, from countries such as the USA, Austria, Canada, Poland or Italy.

The application allows you to instantly change your IP to one from the available list by double-clicking it. The change however causes a slight drop in Internet speed. Moreover, SafeIP enables you rotate your IP automatically, so any attempt at tracking your activity can be prevented.

The program provides you with a variety of functions intended to better conceal your online identity, but also your computer. As such, you can activate the 'Malware protection' or the 'Advertisement Blocking' tools, optimizing and securing your Internet activity in just moments.

In addition, SafeIP can offer you a 'Cookie Tracking', 'Referring URL' as well as a 'Browser ID' protection, in the interest of providing your with a safe and anonymous web surfing environment. The 'DNS Privacy' along with the 'Trafic Encryption' features add a supplementary level of protection, ensuring no data is unwillingly surrendered to third-party applications to be used in their own malicious interests.

By changing the 'Optimization' preferences, you can switch from the default 'Anonymous Web Surfing' setting to 'Fast Content Streaming' feature, which is mostly recommended when you wish to watch online videos, listen to the radio or watch the news. The 'Mass or Bulk Mailing' setting is advisable when you want to send newsletter emails or other similar messages.

Thanks to the 'Run at Windows Startup' setting, you can be sure that SafeIP is running at all times, even if you forget about it, so it continuously tries to keep your online activity private.

SafeIP is a useful tool for those of you who worry about their Internet activity being monitored, as it provides you with the means to counteract and protect yourselves.

SafeIP was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 28th, 2014
SafeIP - SafeIP is a simple, yet handy tool that you can use to surf the Internet anonymously.SafeIP - The application resides in the system tray and allows you verify your IP address and to enable the cookie tracking feature.SafeIP - You can use the settings tab to enable malware protection and rotate the IP address automatically.SafeIP - screenshot #4

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