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A comprehensive WAMP package that was designed in order to bring together some of the most popular open source servers and interpreters

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Deploying web servers for distributing specific content is a job tailored for advanced users and administrators. To facilitate these tasks, there are some utilities or software suites that are fully equipped for such purposes and Apache2Triad is one of them.

Customizable installation procedure

Before getting to the core of the apps packed inside, it is necessary to spend a few minutes configuring the setup and thus avoid ending up with missing components and features.

Besides the core Apache2Triad files, the dedicated user and paths to the environment, there are many extras you can install in order to make things easier when putting the tools to work.

Detailed configuration of the supplementary content

There are quite a few additions you can append to the initial setup, like copying onto disk the configuration files for MySQL, ODBC and PHP. When it comes to the services that accompany the components bundled inside Apache2Triad, you can have them added to autostart by checking the appropriate box inside the installer.

In a similar manner, the registry entries associated to Xmail, MyODBC, PsqlODBC, Python and PostgreSQL can be sent inside the Windows Registry if they are selected during the setup. Generating shell extensions for PHP, Perl, Python and SQL is also possible, as is the creation of the necessary environment variables.

A couple of neat extras are the environment fix for Windows 98 systems and the removal of any leftovers from other installation kits that may be detected by Apache2Triad. Providing a password that is related to the 'root' username is mandatory and after that requirement is satisfied, the setup can carry on and finish in a few minutes.

Powerful set of components suitable for many purposes

Overall, this is a very good package that will undoubtedly be of great help for those who need a solid set of servers and interpreters. Although discontinued from active development Apache2Triad can still be at least a source of inspiration for those who want to build similar WAMP stacks.

Apache2Triad was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on February 25th, 2014
Apache2Triad - Apache2Triad's Manager window lets you see the list of included servers and if they are set to start automatically.Apache2Triad - The MySQL Administrator window allows you to connect to a MySQL Server Instance and customize some advanced connection options.Apache2Triad - pgAdmin's main window displays the application menu and toolbar, the servers list and also various properties and their values.

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