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A Dynamic DNS service which enables Internet users to host their own domain name




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DNS2P is a Dynamic DNS service which enables Internet users to host their own domain name, even if they have a dynamic IP address or are behind a router. Use DNS2P to host any type of server or service, including:

· Web Server
· Video Monitor
· Mail Server
· Network Connection

What is dns2p?

DNS2P is just like directory assistance for your Internet connection!

Imagine if your Phone number changed once a week, once a day, or once a month! Nobody would ever know what number you are using. Your Internet connection works exactly like this! Instead of having your IP ADDRESS change frequently, DNS2P lets you select a domain name that never changes! Using DNS2P, you can continue to keep your Dynamic IP and simply use our Dynamic DNS to give your location a fixed domain name. You never need to worry about your IP address changing again!

Most all broadband ISP's provide a DYNAMIC IP address with their services.

In order to perform Remote Control, Run your own server, DVR or other application using your Dynamic IP address, DNS2P is required. You can choose to run the DNS2P DDNS instead of paying extra for a Static IP.

Using DNS2P, you can run your the server(s) of your choice. See how DNS2P helps you to run Your own Photo Server, Your own Web Server, An IP Camera/Webcam, A DVR Security System, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and more! DNS2P can also help you Remotely Control your Computers at home/work with software like Remote Desktop and PCAnywhere. The possibilities are endless! You can even use DNS2P with a Home Automation system to control your Lights and Thermostat when you are away from your home!

It's easy! In just 3 steps you can be up and running. DNS2P can be run in 2 ways. Our software can run on your PC or you can choose to run DNS2P in your router.

Step 1) Install the DNS2P software on your server, or if you have a DNS2P compatible router, you can run DNS2P in your router at the same location where the server is located.

Step 2) You then need to open up the ports in your router so Internet requests can reach your server.

Step 3) Instead of using an IP address to connect to your server, use the DNS2P DOMAIN NAME you selected to connect. It's that easy! No More Fumbing with changing IP's!
Last updated on December 26th, 2006
DNS2P - The main window of DNS2P allow susers to view the options they have in hand to work with.DNS2P - In this window you can customize settings concerning the network you want to connect too.

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