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A lightweight and very easy to use application whose main purpose is to clean up log files from your Internet Information Services folder

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IIS Log Cleaner is a lightweight and very easy to understand software utility whose main function consists of getting rid of old log entries in your IIS folder, allowing you to configure the deletable files’ age.

Advantages when working with portable tools

The application does not need to be installed on your system, as its portability means you can just place it wherever you need it to work and double-click the executable to start working with it.

In addition, because the program does not experience installation, removing it can be done through simple deletion, as it leaves no residual traces behind.

Effortlessly clean your IIS server’s obsolete log files

IIS Log Cleaner is supposed to be placed on the hard drive of your IIS server, automatically running minimized in the notification area when launched. You can access it by right-clicking its icon and press on the ‘Clean Now’ button to begin removing obsolete data from the targeted directory.

The application’s functioning preferences can easily be changed by clicking on the ‘Settings’ selection in the system tray menu. It will then warn you that IIS Log Cleaner needs to close while you alter its configuration, then open a TXT file, which you can modify to suit your individual needs.

The adjustable features refer to the targeted directory and the age of the log files. The utility uses the default IIS server path, you have the possibility of changing it, simply by inputting your IIS folder’s full location. Similarly, the ‘MaxAge’ value is of thirty days, but it too can be customized. Once complete, you can save the file and restart IIS Log Cleaner, so it can run as you need it to.

A handy IIS log file eraser

To sum it up, IIS Log Cleaner is an efficient and user-friendly program that can assist you in clearing your IIS server’s old log files with just a few button presses, requiring a minimal amount of effort from you.

IIS Log Cleaner was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on June 12th, 2014
IIS Log Cleaner - IIS Log Cleaner is a simple application that runs minimized in the notification areaIIS Log Cleaner - The Settings file can be altered to point to a different folder or target data of a specified age

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