Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003 Toolkit

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A large set of tools that will assist you with troubleshooting, health reporting and site maintenance for a number of computers located on a network




Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003 Toolkit enables you to inventory components and applications that are installed on computers located on a network. 

It provides support for client deployment, software distribution management, health reporting and site maintenance as well as problem troubleshooting.

The toolkit contains applications such as URLScan, Policy Spy, SMS Trace, Advanced Client and Management Point Cleaner, Advanced Client Spy, Policy Verifier, Send Schedule, Management Point Spy, Set Preferred Distribution Point and CAP, Delete Certificate, Patch Management Evaluation, Delete Group Class, Transfer SMS ID, Package Loader, Management Point Troubleshooter, Assignment Verifier, Site Boundary Tool, Create Secondary Site Tool and Create SMS Address Tool.

Each of them is designed to perform a specific function and requires a bit of know how in order to be used correctly.

With them you can secures Internet Information Server, view and monitor all SMS logging activity, troubleshoot Advanced Client problems, transfers an SMS client IDs and much more.
Last updated on May 2nd, 2014

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