MoWeS Portable II

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A practical tool for the web developers who need to create applications by using a WAMP distribution from a removable storage device

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MoWeS Portable II is a useful tool that allows you to easily deploy an HTTP server, database management system and scripting language on any computer. It is designed especially for the web app developers who need to work on multiple workstations.

When creating websites or web-based applications WAMP distributions are an efficient tool for quickly creating the environment required for testing your projects. Usually, they include a version of Apache, MySQL and PHP but can also include additional tools for specific purposes.

This program aims to provide you with the above listed programs and deploy them on a USB stick or other removable device in order to be used on more than one computer.

You can download three versions of the program depending on your project needs. The core version only includes the environment manager and requires you to manually install the components that you need to use.

As the main purpose of a WAMP distribution is to provide the applications without having to install each of them, you might think of using the other packages. The full version includes multiple server versions and an ImageMagick integration.

However, during the program installation you cannot select which version you can install as the list only displays the detected packages. You need to manually delete the unwanted packages before running the application for the first time.

Besides deploying the WAMP distribution, the interface allows you to view the server status and configure them. For instance you can change the MySQL root password, restrict the access to local users or launch external applications.

Unfortunately, according their website, CH Software has stopped the app development over an year ago so most of its components are not up to date. If you want to use the program you need to manually update each tool.

MoWeS Portable II was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on November 7th, 2013
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