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A SNMP log viewer that makes it easier for large network administrators to identify inactive OIDs and view a sequence of the events at a comfortable pace

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Netplayback is a data visualization utility designed for administrators of big networks who need to examine large sets of SNMP data retrieved from connected routers in order to perform debugging and troubleshooting operations.

Displays SNMP log data in an organized manner

The application is capable of handling logs containing details about data transfers between hundreds of network devices, providing support for various log formats.

But its utmost feature is the way it displays the imported data, color coding requests, responses, errors and OID mismatches for easier identification, which can also help you promptly respond to problems. What's more, all the requests and responses are organized in tree view and displayed on multiple pages, in order to ease navigation.

Explore logs at your own pace and apply filters

The log content can either be loaded all at once or viewed in movie-like format. The latter option enables you to read each entry one by one, while gaining full control over the loading process (play / pause, rewind, forward, adjust the speed and so on). Additionally, Netplayback can be configured to stop the playback when an error is detected, so as to give you time to analyze its causes.

Filtering options are also available, enabling you to exclude the records that don't match the criteria. You can filter logged information by the router's IP address, the OID or the data type.

The 'Configuration' area is where you can change the application's behavior and modify the way data is displayed. Netplayback enables you to modify the number of routers per page, the time scaling factor, the default speed, the response code and so on. Configuration file can be saved and loaded at a later time.

A handy tool for network administrators

Netplayback is not easy to configure, but it should pose no problem to experienced users who are familiar with Node.js and browser-based applications. It helps administrators view detailed SNMP data at a pace they are comfortable with, so as to identify device failures, detect errors and find a solution to connection problems as soon as possible.

Netplayback was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on May 28th, 2014
Netplayback - You can use Netplayback to view SNMP log files from network routers and filter data as you consider fit.Netplayback - Errors are marked with red, requests with bright yellow and responses with blue for easier and faster identification.Netplayback - The configuration area enables you to customize the number of routers per page and other parameters.

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