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Designed for network administrators, this application makes it easier for them to manage multiple MSMQ servers and view messages that are sent to the queue

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Message queuing is a technology implemented in all Windows computers that allows the communication across networks, even if one of the computers is temporarily offline. Practically, MSMQ servers create queues where sent messages are stored, waiting for the recipient to accept them.

A complete management tool for MSMQ messages

When it comes to managing message queuing, things get a bit more complicated and a dedicated application is required to perform common tasks. QueueExplorer Professional offers an alternative to the MSMQ management console, enabling network administrators to oversee the activity of the MSMQ servers, manage all the outgoing messages and organize queues.

Unlike QueueExplorer Standard, it supports an unlimited number of simultaneous connections to MSMQ servers and allows server grouping, enabling you to categorize connections according to your preferences.

Monitor queues and outgoing messages

Thanks to its tab-based interface, QueueExplorer Professional helps you monitor multiple machines and queues at the same time. All the options and functions are accessible and clear, making the application very easy to work with.

It can be used to monitor existing queues and create new ones, as well as remove or edit outgoing messages. You can easily configure how messages are displayed by selecting the columns to show or hide, apply filters or limit the number of shown messages.

A reliable MSMQ management application

QueueExplorer Professional allows you to get a quick overview over the sent MSMQ messages and manage queues from within a user-friendly interface. It can be used to detect messages that fail to be delivered, blocking an entire queue (poison messages), perform backups of queued messages and manage queues remotely.

QueueExplorer Professional was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on April 22nd, 2015
QueueExplorer Professional - You can use QueueExplorer Professional to view a list of all the outgoing messages that are sent to a queue.QueueExplorer Professional - Users can easily add a new computer to the monitoring list from the 'File' menu of QueueExplorer Professional.QueueExplorer Professional - QueueExplorer Professional enables you to create new queues or delete existing ones with just a few clicks.QueueExplorer Professional - screenshot #4

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