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Helps you manage a Microsoft Reporting Servicer server






The ReportServer Explorer application was designed to help you manage a Microsoft Reporting Servicer server. It supports both SQL 2000,SQL 2005 and SQL 2008, even when running in SharePoint Integration mode.

Here are some key features of "ReportServer Explorer":

■ Download reports stored on the server, optionally including any (sub)folders by recreating the folder structure on the server by selecting a folder on the server. It will then download all reports and subfolders to the client.
■ Upload multiple reports to the server, optionally you can upload a folder structure to the report server by selected a folder with reports and subfolders stored on the client.
■ Get detailed information about the items on the server, like used datasources, parameters and permissions.
■ Create and delete folders on the server.
■ Move reports, datasources and folders.
■ Rename reports, datasources and folders.
■ Delete reports, datasources and folders.
■ Set the datasource of multiple report on the server by first selecting folders and reports on the server and then the datasource to use. When targeting a folder all reports in that folder and any subfolder will be updated.
■ Get an overview of item properties (used datasources, security settings, parameters and properties)
■ Create or edit datasource
■ Supports models


■ .NET Framework 2.0
■ Server Connection
Last updated on July 18th, 2008
ReportServer Explorer - In the main widow of ReportServer Explorer you will be able to select the server to connect to.ReportServer Explorer - In the Registered Servers you will be able to add new servers, edit or delete the existing ones.ReportServer Explorer - From the Settings window of ReportServer Explorer you will be able to set the Server type and enter the address.

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