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Wake up your Sharepoint and WSS Sites





The SPWakeUp application was designed to be a simple tool that touches each site and site collection on a Sharepoint or WSS server to rebuild the IIS cache.

Normally IIS discards its cache overnight, which means that each Sharepoint site must be rebuilt the first time it is accessed. This can be very slow. This script will seek out every site and site collection on a sharepoint server, and send them an HTTP request, so that the site remains in cache.

The application consists of the program file, spwakeup.exe and two optional configuration files, sites.conf and exclude.conf. You must run this application on a machine that has WSS or MOSS installed. If you want to wake up a single site, you do not need sites.conf and it can be safely deleted. If you need to wake up mulitple sites, list them in sites.conf, each on their own line. If you want to exclude a single site, you do not need exclude.conf and it can be safely deleted. If you need to exclude multiple sites, list them in exclude.conf, each on their own line.

The app recognizes 5 option switches (the switches can appear in any order):
- verbose --Displays the raw HTML of each site as it is woken.
- site:XXX.XXX -- specifies the starting URL. If you do not set anything, the app looks for sites.conf, and uses the sites listed there. If sites.conf does not exist, the default URL http://localhost is used.
- exclude:XXX.XXX -- specifies a URL that should not be woken. If you need to exclude several sites, list them in a file name exclude.conf located in the same folder as spwakeup.exe.
- nodiscover -- Turns off discovery mode.
- log:Filename -- specifies a log file to record the results. If a file is not specified, the log will be displayed on the console.

If the file sites.conf does not exist, runs against http://localhost. Discovers all local web applications. Displays log results on console.
Last updated on July 24th, 2009

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