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Monitors the system in real time in order to identify and remove bottlenecks, ensuring that your computer is running at top performance

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Spotlight provides system administrators with a reliable diagnose utility that can be used for detecting problems that might lead to server failure or performance diminishing. The advantage is that it keeps an eye on all the monitored systems in real-time, gathering information that can help you identify potential problems before they affect the computer's functionality.

Complete information about system activity

All the connections are neatly displayed within its main window and server statistics are available for each one. Spotlight displays real-time process flows, enabling you to view the path of the transmitted data as it travels throughout the system.

You can view details regarding the system configuration, connected network users, opened sessions, bandwidth limits, CPU and memory usage, running processes and threads, disk usage and so on.

Set thresholds and get alerts when they are exceeded

Spotlight enables you to set custom thresholds for all the indicators. When a potential problem is detected or the threshold value is exceeded, it notifies you via audio alarms and by changing the color of that particular component, so that you can take action. Excessive cache activity, low storage space, reduced available RAM, high CPU load are just some of the common problems that might occur.

In order to help you diagnose a specific component or anticipate problems, Spotlight generates a set of complete reports and graphs for each component you monitor. This offers a starting point in finding bottlenecks, troubleshoot applications and resolve various other issues.

Quick response thanks to the action suggestions

Spotlight enables you to observe system activity in real time and informs you about detected problems. Its detailed reports help you look into the matter, while the action suggestions can help you find a solution much easier.

Spotlight on Windows was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on February 26th, 2014
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