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Simple application designed to let you send customized HTTP requests to any website and analyze the response from the remote server

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Send HTTP Tool is designed as a testing utility that can send HTTP requests and analyze the web response.

The application installs easily and working with it should be pretty simple since all the settings are comprised in the main screen and the developer makes available the necessary documentation with explanation of the functions included in the program.

Functions at a glance

The utility makes available the possibility to select between the requests methods from a drop-down menu as well as the desired HTTP version.

It appears that a history of the typed URLs is maintained, thus allowing you to go to previously used addresses as soon as you start typing them.

In the left part of the application window there is the option to choose the headers you want to send. Not all of them are included but the list can be modified and populated with the desired values.

Additional options present in Send HTTP Tool refer to defining the request timeout in seconds as well as the read/write timeout value (in minutes). Cache policy can also be determined and there is support for URL redirection.

Analyzing the response

Working with the product is simple: punch in the URL, send the request, wait for the response and check the feedback time along with the status code. Moreover, there is the possibility to view a details report about the response.

As soon as the server responds Send HTTP Tool displays the time and the HTTP status code. For a detailed view there is the full report that includes information such as response properties, cookies from the remote site, the response HTML code and headers.


Send HTTP Tool is not complicated and it is an easy solution for firing up customized requests in order to help application testers and even penetration testers.

Send HTTP Tool was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on June 12th, 2015
Send HTTP Tool - Send HTTP Tool is an application that will help you send custom HTTP requests.

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