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A client for OR networks

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Surfing the web anonymously is something more and more users are trying to attain through various methods. One of the most well known systems that provides such online anonymity is Tor and there are several client applications you can use to connect to the network.

One of those utilities is called Advanced Onion Router and it aims to provide a secure environment in which no data traffic can be traced. The interface of the software consists of a settings window with numerous levels of customization.

Based on Tor's proxy anonymization, Advanced Onion Router directs all TCP traffic through the secure network, thus making virtually impossible for someone to follow your web browsing, instant messaging conversations, remote shell or similar activities.

The client application creates a sort of route throughout the network and every node, also referred to as onion router, will only be aware of the one coming immediately before or after it. All the installed applications that use the TCP protocol for outgoing connections will be constrained to follow the redirections imposed by Advanced Onion Router.

The extensive configurations of the software will allow you to set the proxy settings manually and choose the best options for the OR (Onion Router) Network. Thus, you can choose to bypass ISP traffic, create favorite or banned router lists as well as choose the private identity parameters.

There is a most useful 'Sandboxing' feature you can use to customize the behavior of programs that may be intercepted. You can activate the 'Fake local time' and have the applications send a different timestamp when they are tapped, or you can set IP resolving to fake IPs only.

Given the variety of options it comes with and since it is not too difficult to use, Advanced Onion Router is one of the most reliable tools one can get when in need to anonymously surf the Internet.

Advanced Onion Router was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on April 18th, 2014
Advanced Onion Router - Advanced Onion Router will provide users with a client for OR network and an improved alternative for Tor+Vidalia+Privoxy bundleAdvanced Onion Router - The Connections section of the application will help you set up the bandwidth rate, vurst or the maximum number of connectionsAdvanced Onion Router - Users will be able to manage the directory authorities as well as the address resolution timeout or the maximum router descriptor download failuresAdvanced Onion Router - screenshot #4Advanced Onion Router - screenshot #5Advanced Onion Router - screenshot #6Advanced Onion Router - screenshot #7Advanced Onion Router - screenshot #8