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An easy to use and full featured web server that supports PHP / CGI /SSL / UPNP /ICS /ICF, providing you with numerous useful features





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An easy to use and full featured web server software, RaidenHTTPD supports HTTP 1.1 standard and many other useful features such as PHP/CGI/SSL , UPnP NAT Traversal and ICS/ICF automatic configuration.

The application is so user-friendly, that is even suitable for beginners, as well as more experienced users, enabling them to have a web site up and running in just moments.

RaidenHTTPD has all you need to setup an interactive web site. And yet, RaidenHTTPD is equipped with the following features that can hardly be found in other web server softwares:
HD-RW http redirection 
Music album browsing 
Big5-GB2312 translation 
Users personal homepage 
Anti-referral linking 
UPnP NAT traversal 
Easy virtual host admin. 
SSL secured web server 
database (mdb) support 
Built in anti-Hacking filter
PHP/CGI dynamic pages

How easy it is to setup your own Web Server? No master degree is required! No experience is required! With RaidenHTTPD, everyone can be a web site magician from now on! Having a web site created with RaidenHTTPD, you won't be suprised to see thousands of visitors to your web site every week or even more!
Last updated on June 11th, 2014
RaidenHTTPD - RaidenHTTPD is a simple tool that can help have an interactive web site running within minutesRaidenHTTPD - The Server Options window enables you to enter the IP address and select the performance preferencesRaidenHTTPD - From the VirtualHOST Options window, you can enter the log file name and enables page compressionRaidenHTTPDRaidenHTTPD