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Simple TCP/IP server featuring a flexible application window, a short list of preferences and support for plain text and HTTP protocols

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Testing TCP/IP clients requires the configuration of a server that can send the messages and record any feedback from the distant machine.

TcpIpServer is exactly what the name suggests, a simple server that installs in a jiffy and includes support for both plain text and HTTP protocols.

Simple interface

Getting the program on the system is a simple operation that does no involve too much effort from the user.

If you’re expecting bells and whistles this is not the right application for you as the main screen could not be more straightforward. It features just the essential elements, such as the button for starting listening for incoming requests and a panel with the current client sessions.

Short list of preferences

The configuration panel of the application sports just the necessary settings. Apart from making available the possibility to select the desired communication port it also enables you to choose between two view modes and picking one of the two supported protocols.

Additionally, it can be instructed to start listening immediately as it starts; this comes in handy if you already have the clients set up to match the parameters of the server.

Further customization of the application refers to the current session window in the main pane, which can be placed into a different position or pulled out and moved anywhere on the desktop.


With very little to configure TcpIpServer makes for a pretty good utility for checking multiple TCP/IP clients. To save some time it can start listening for the clients’ requests as soon as it is launched.

TcpIpServer was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on March 21st, 2014
TcpIpServer - The main window of TcpIpServer enables you to start your server.TcpIpServer - To set the port to be listened you will access this window.

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