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A lightweight and straightforward software application designed to enable you to stream your iTunes music library from any location

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pulpTunes is a lightweight and efficient software solution for easily streaming your iTunes music library directly in your browser.

Easily access your iTunes library from anywhere

Although the application does not have its own user interface, the few options you can access are found in the context menu of the pulpTunes taskbar icon.

After you login with your username and password, pulpTunes automatically generates an URL to stream your music library.

When you create your account on the pulpTunes' page, you have the option to specify the desired subdomain for your own unique generated URL.

Keep your music library private by setting a password

After your unique URL has been generated, it can be shared with anyone you wish to, like your friends or family.

In case you would like to keep your musical choices a secret for others, you can easily specify a username and password to be required each time someone tries to access your music library.

This way, you can share your music only with the people you entrust with the access username and password.

These credentials are different than your login information and password, so no one could modify your iTunes library, even if they have the access information for streaming it.

Listen to your favorite music directly in your browser

Once you open your URL in a browser, you are presented with an online built-in music player with basic playback commands.

With pulpTunes, you can control the order of the songs, by playing your library on random mode or on repeat.

Also, advanced search features are available for when you wish to find and play a specific song from your library, allowing you to easily browse through your song collection.

An online music player with access to your personal music library

pulpTunes proves to be a reliable and efficient application designed to help you easily stream your favorite music anywhere, with only a browser, in an interactive, yet organized fashion.

pulpTunes was reviewed by Sorin Apostol
Last updated on May 9th, 2014
pulpTunes - With pulpTunes, you can stream your online music library in any browser, from any location.pulpTunes - You can access the functions and options of pulpTunes from the taskbar icon of the application.pulpTunes - pulpTunes provides you with a web link where you can find and stream your music library from.pulpTunes - screenshot #4pulpTunes - screenshot #5pulpTunes - screenshot #6pulpTunes - screenshot #7

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