91 PC Suite for Windows Mobile

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Manage your Windows Mobile smartphone easily and safely

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91 PC Suite for Windows Mobile is a management suite designed to handle the data from Windows Mobile phones. You can use it to explore the phone content and backup your data with minimum effort.

Since the mobile phones started to include multimedia support and applications, the phone-PC connection became very important. Whether it is just required to transfer files, backup various data or install applications, you need to use a dedicated application for accessing the phone content.

The 91 PC Suite is one of the available tools that can be used for managing the files and other settings of the mobile phone. This version of the program is compatible with the Windows Mobile devices but you can also download the Android and iPhone versions.

The interface of the application is simple and allows you to quickly access the contacts, calendar or call log. You can also view the files stored on your device and transfer them to your hard drive.

This tool is able to change the parameters of the mobile device such as the wallpaper or the theme. The Media tab also enables you to create ringtones or to edit the list of bookmarks and RSS feeds.

While most options are easy to use and require no previous experience, the advanced users can play around with a registry editor and end certain processes from the System Tool tab. The same tab includes the backup tool which can help you restore your phone’s data from a previous backup.

Besides the phone management tools, the application also provides you with links for applications or news that might be related to your device. Unfortunately, since the program is not actively developed, some of the pages are no longer available.

If you own a Windows Mobile device, you can try the 91 PC Suite for browsing your messages or transferring files to and from your computer.

91 PC Suite for Windows Mobile was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on July 16th, 2013
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