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A simple application that allows you to set up notifications via SMS or e-mail whenever new items are posted at the specified URL

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CL Buddy is a simple piece of software designed to notify you case new posts are submitted on a specific website.

Basic interface

Even though the program's functionality is compressed in only one window, the possibilities it opens up are appreciated.

And since there is no options menu or button, no customization can be done to the interface either. But the simplicity of the graphical interface does not cut into the usefulness of application.

Keeping track of multiple URLs

A practical feature of CL Buddy is the history drop-down menu, which allows you to quickly find previous URLs you have tracked. The application can record up to 10 items in the history menu, and you can select any of these to keep track of them again.

When the history list seems a little crowded with URLs you no longer need tracking, you can easily clear everything.

Instant notifications via text messages or e-mails

There are two ways the application can announce you of the new posts or replies on the watched URLs. The simplest one is via e-mail. You can specify a valid e-mail address to which the application will send notifications.

You can opt to receive the full new message and every available information via e-mail, including a link to the actual post.

The second way of notifying you is via text messages. The message is usually read faster, since almost everyone carries their cellphone with them. The only downside is that the application supports only a few specific mobile carriers.

From the main menu of the application, you can set the program to check up on the watched websites as frequently as 5 minutes and as far apart as 4 hours.


CL Buddy is a simple and reliable application for monitoring new replies and posts submitted on specific websites, in order to instantly notify you via e-mail or text message.

CL Buddy was reviewed by Sorin Apostol
Last updated on March 12th, 2014
CL Buddy - You can add an URL to be checked at set intervals of time and you can also specify where would you like the notifications to be sent.CL Buddy - In the Help menu, you can clear the search history list, in case it becomes crowded with URLs you no longer need to monitor.CL Buddy - You can set the application to search the specified URL every few minutes or hours..

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